Most of us know the historical version, how the men were formed to mobilize and come to battle on a moment’s notice!  We know that they were first armed militia, and vital to those crucial times due to the state of affairs in the country. Thus, the name “minute man”


Do we realize the spirit of those men though?  Fathers, brothers, cousins, sons, all coming together, all the best of the best, to ensure that nothing would deter them from keeping and securing the safety and liberty of their country!


It is the spirit of a man that pushes him to do beyond, to leave their comfort zone, to do what is right rather than avoid what is difficult. Since 1645 these men gave us the life we have today, for without them history would have taken a route we cannot envision. 


Today’s minutemen are not different, the same spirit is resurrecting within this very group.

An Initiative to unite and revive the patriotic spirit so we are of one accord. 


The insignia is so significant as it intertwines the serpent around the flags;

Betsy Ross’s original and our current one; in such a protective posture,

as the words reverberate in our minds “


Give me Liberty or Give me Death”  

Those words need to resonate inside us, as we see the decline of our America! Yes, this is OUR America!


We are that spirit of those long-ago Patriots.


Citizens, civilians, who are ready to enter that arena of defense against those who would steal our

God given rights, given by our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  


We must be above par as those of old.  

We must train, organize, be ready to mobilize and be educated! For knowledge is power!



Minutemen America is not a group, not an organization that seeks to tether members but an identity that binds us all, Patriots, all grassroots groups with each other.


To revere each other’s mission and focus with support and knowledge.

We are the minutemen, working to make all of us ready to face the challenges with back-to-back,

step with step determination!  We will be ready!


The platform is set, its time to move forward with action.

Once a month we host inter-groups meetups. We also utilize telegram app to broadcast local aligned events and meetings from diverse conservative organizations.